Would you like to join the club or find out more?  Feel free to come along to one of our club sessions to talk to us!

The best way to write to us is on Messenger. If you need urgent help with something regarding the club call Sadie on 07538 266286

Would you like to hear more from us? We have 2 email lists for most of our communications:

The Sennen Surf Club Team

As a community club we have an elected team who run things. The current team is as follows:

  • Chairman: Justin Knight
  • Secretary (Admin): Pete Bainbridge
  • Secretary (Membership): Sadie Knight
  • Treasurer: Sadie Knight
  • Child Protection & Safeguarding: Katie Smith
  • Training & Safety Officer: Justin Knight
  • Head Coach: Mike Pearson
  • Building Rep: David Beamish
  • Equipment rep: Gerson Velasquez
  • Senior Rep: Nicky Robinson
  • Family Rep: Chris Andrews
  • Social Rep: Rachel & Treeve Taylor

More on these roles and other key documents for the surf club can be found here.