Rookie Lifeguard Awards

Congratulations to all our Rookie Lifeguards – everyone did really well this winter and all the rookies achieved their awards, with many of them even going on to achieve a second award!

Big thanks to Julia & James who volunteered their time to help the rookies achieve their awards.


During their awards they have practiced the following lifesaving skills:

  • Clothed swim (with a timed element for some awards!)
  • Casualty rescues (both unaided and using various methods: rope throw, torpedo tube rescues, board rescues)
  • Treading water
  • Help Signals
  • Life support
  • Underwater object recovery
  • Various swim techniques

Congratulations to you all on all your awards!

Bronze 1 – Jensen, Patrick

Bronze 2 – Sennen, Dolly, Minnie, Mia

Bronze 3 & Silver 1 – Leo

Silver 1 & 2 – Finley

Silver 3 & Gold 1 – Benjy, Joey, Jos, Jay, Sam, Aiden


Winter Lifesaving Programme

The Rookies lifesaving programme is a great way for the groms to learn essential skills to keep themselves (and others) safe in the water.  We are lucky to have Julia who is an excellent coach, to teach the rookies again this year. We’ll be running the bronze, silver and gold awards.

The sessions will be on Saturday evenings from 7-8pm in the Penzance Leisure Centre pool. Dates for your diary:

18 Jan
25 Jan
15 Feb
22 Feb
15 March
29 March
5 April
12 April
19 April
26 April

This is 10 pool sessions in total, there are a few weeks the pool is not available due to swimming galas, hence the gaps in the above list.

Beach Lifeguard Pool Training (& Assistant Beach Lifeguard)

The above programmes will be running at the same time as the rookies lifesaving.  Qualified lifeguards are essential to keep the club going, The full lifeguard award is open to those age 16+ and the assistant beach lifeguard to those 14+

The initial pool training is 10 weeks, which will be followed up by some additional sessions on the beach / in the clubhouse.

Additional details to follow on these awards.

End of Season BBQ

Thankyou to everyone for another great year for the groms club.  All the groms have improved their surfing this year and had plenty of lifesaving practice thanks to the spate of flat days!

We had a great last session and being British continued on and had our end of season BBQ despite the mizzly foggy – we just relocated up to by the clubhouse incase we had to suddenly take cover – the groms kept themselves entertained whilst waiting for food with games of pool and surf DVDs instead of the usual beach games.

BBQ & Pool


Big thanks to our coaches, assistant coaches and all our parent volunteers – without you we couldn’t run the club!


Winter programme

The winter rookies lifesaving programme and lifeguard training will commence in January as usual, dates of these sessions to follow.

The seniors surf nights on Wednesdays will continue until we lose the light in the evenings, and we’ll continue to surf on Sunday mornings and our older groms are welcome to join us (must be accompanied by parents as these are social surf sessions so we won’t necessarily have a lifeguard or full coach) so hopefully we’ll see you again soon.

Groms club week 13






Groms club week 12

Fun session this morning for the groms after a briefing by Sam on sea safety whilst we waited for the tide to drop







Groms club week 11







Groms club week 9

Great week for the groms this week.  The blue and white shirts were out back with the orange shirts working hard on their progression onto green waves.  Charles was able to come and help this week with giving each of the groms pointers on stance, popup and turns.

We saw some great progression from all the orange shirts this week, well done!








Groms week 7

Lovely day today – great conditions for the groms!  Small waves perfect for popup practice!

Poppy led the warmup and coached the orange shirts in their technique, whilst Mark took the white shirts over to Gwenvor in search of some larger waves. No pics this week – we forgot the camera in a post Lafrowda haze, but Mark took the GoPro over to Gwenvor, so heres a couple of videos of the white shirts on the longboards…


Groms week 6

As the surf was completely flat this morning we headed off for a paddle – starting at the harbour, as the groms were warming up the sea fog rolled in!

The groms did well paddling across to the beach and back with plenty of lifesaving drills and games inbetween!

Paddling practice from the harbour

Paddle races

Lifesaving practice

Beach games at groms club


Groms week 5

Nice small waves for the younger groms today

Sennen Groms club