Around Sennen waters

Lots of jellyfish around at the moment!


Groms week 6

As the surf was completely flat this morning we headed off for a paddle – starting at the harbour, as the groms were warming up the sea fog rolled in!

The groms did well paddling across to the beach and back with plenty of lifesaving drills and games inbetween!

Paddling practice from the harbour

Paddle races

Lifesaving practice

Beach games at groms club


Groms week 5

Nice small waves for the younger groms today

Sennen Groms club

Groms week 3

A bit of a choppy surf day today, but the blue shirts got to practice getting out back whilst the yellow shirts worked on their technique on the smaller waves.

Popup practice on the beach

First Groms Session

Lovely sunny start to the season – unfortunately accompanied by a lack of waves – however the groms had a fun session with board rescues, swimming, paddling and a few even managed to catch a (small) wave or two towards the end of the session!

Groms Parents Training Session

We had an excellent session today with Mark taking our parent volunteers through some of the essential skills such as signals, board rescues and some basics on coaching the groms.

This should set us up brilliantly for the new season.

Club RNLI & RLSS award

Sennen Surf Club is celebrating the New Year with a RNLI and RLSS Local Community Club Development Award.

This award is part of a ‘rolling’ project initiated by the RNLI-Lifeguards organisation. They have a current project mission to assist local community sea based ‘leisure activity’ clubs increase in ‘ocean awareness knowledge & lifesaving’ skills for the community.

The grant details are:

i) RNLI local community club grants for developing ‘ocean awareness & beach lifeguard skills’ in the local community

ii) Ours was awarded through the RLSS / UK ‘affiliated club’ scheme of which we are a member.

iii) We have been awarded £750 for our continuing professional development as a provider of (adult) the RLSS ‘volunteer beach lifeguard’ & (junior) ‘Rookie Lifesaving’ courses

iv) The money will buy new equipment and pay for 2013 pool and TA hire to train and assess our volunteer parents as ‘beach lifeguards’ and our groms club members as ‘rooky lifesavers’

Earlier this year Mark Eley the Clubs Safety and training officer qualified as a RLSS/UK Beach Lifeguard Trainer/assessor.

Beach lifeguard training

Above: Mark Eley centre with Beach Lifeguard candidates on a training Course earlier in 2012

Peter Urquhart Club treasurer said ‘Getting this award is fantastic news for the Club. We rely totally on the coaches to give up their spare time to assist with our surfing days but all the coaching courses cost money so this is a great boost for the club. It’s also recognition for the effort that every one puts in’

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