Rookie Lifeguard Awards

Congratulations to all our Rookie Lifeguards – everyone did really well this winter and all the rookies achieved their awards, with many of them even going on to achieve a second award!

Big thanks to Julia & James who volunteered their time to help the rookies achieve their awards.


During their awards they have practiced the following lifesaving skills:

  • Clothed swim (with a timed element for some awards!)
  • Casualty rescues (both unaided and using various methods: rope throw, torpedo tube rescues, board rescues)
  • Treading water
  • Help Signals
  • Life support
  • Underwater object recovery
  • Various swim techniques

Congratulations to you all on all your awards!

Bronze 1 – Jensen, Patrick

Bronze 2 – Sennen, Dolly, Minnie, Mia

Bronze 3 & Silver 1 – Leo

Silver 1 & 2 – Finley

Silver 3 & Gold 1 – Benjy, Joey, Jos, Jay, Sam, Aiden